Angkor Capital Bank specializes in real estate secured bridge loans, factoring and personal refinancing as an alternative to traditional bank financing.

Angkor Capital Bank is able to offer some of the best USD fixed rate term deposits on cash collateral, up to 8.8% for our loan clients.
Angkor Capital Bank Private Banking offers traditional banking services with a highly personalized focus that includes global wealth management solutions.

Angkor Capital Bank Loan Solutions Can Help

Whether you need an urgent infusion of working capital to grow your business, are looking to refinance a private loan, or are having difficulty making your current mortgage payment, we can help.

Angkor Capital Bank’s Fixed Term Deposits

Making Your Money Work Harder

In today’s global low interest rate environment, most depositors are experiencing negligible returns on their savings. Why not place a portion of your cash deposits with Angkor Capital Bank. By allocating as little as 20% of your cash portfolio to the Bank, your total return on interest from cash deposits could rise by as much as 700%. Our simple and secure 2, 3, 4 and 5 year fixed cash deposits offer attractive annual USD interest rates of up to 8.8%. You will need to apply for a loan and use the cash deposits as collateral in order to apply.


Approval in as few as seven business days. Simple and easy to understand application procedure. Flexible approval process. If you would like to make an application or speak with one of our experienced loan officers, then please contact us.

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Expatriate Private Banking

Are you an expatriate living in Asia? At Angkor Capital Bank we specialize in providing expatriates with banking and wealth management advice. Our Private Banking team contains qualified individuals from international jurisdictions such as the UK, US, Switzerland and Germany and are able to offer an international solution to your wealth management and banking needs in line with your career and financial goals.

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Citizenship Investments

If you are considering applying for Cambodian citizenship by making a qualifying investment in Cambodia, then we can help. At Angkor Capital Bank, we have a range of financial products that meet the qualifying criteria for citizenship applications. Would you like to know more?

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